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Ingen Brist på Tankar

Ingen Brist på Tankar (No Lack of Thoughts) is a graphic novel about the fear of loneliness and one's thoughts and what it’s like when you're exposed to both at the same time. I sometimes draw and write from my own observations and setbacks. In this case, the resemblance to reality is intentional, and in all other cases, the resemblance to reality is unintentional.

"Scott Huber in the class whose work previously has graced the cover of the seminal Galago presents for the exhibition the graphic novel Ingen brist på tankar which looks very promising and lets on some promise of following in the footsteps of last year’s grad (from the same discipline) Iris Hautaniemi [...] Browsing through Scott Huber’s novel certainly makes you want to own an early copy; boxed in by what is more than just a little sizable wall-based presentation in the exhibition, blowing strips up to command the attention it deserves."

-Ashik Zaman, in C-Print

Ingen Brist på Tankar is available to the public at the libraries

Tranströmerbiblioteket and

Konstfack in Stockholm.

Graphic Novel



My so called father

Brand is an anarchist newspaper with the focus of activism and social movements as well as political theory and debate.

In this project I illustrated to Nomena Aalto Ekenborns My so called father, the proud anti-feminist. This was in the second number of Brand, men's violence.

Article Illustration

Brand Magazine



Bara en Hund

"It is said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different outcomes. Scott Huber makes his debut in Galago with a quiet contemplation of time that passes and the insight it brings."

-Rojin Pertow, Editor-in-Chief

I had a sad epiphany during a working day at preschool, how a child cried every morning at the farewell from his mother, but in the evening almost forgetting about his loss, and then repeating the same act the next day. How I first dismissed his experience but soon realized how I myself was not far from this behavior. How one self becomes so narrow-minded in anxious and stressful situations. Maybe the human is so forgetful for the reason of surviving?


Comic and cover-illustration

Galago / Ordfront Förlag


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